Unleashing The Power of Faith

Throughout history, God has used stories of ordinary people to show His power and purpose. From Abraham and Moses to Mary and the woman at the well, we have learned how faith fuels a life. Today is no different. From the corners of Oklahoma, from the urban centers to the rural spaces, God’s story is made clear in the lives of people- our friends, our heroes. For some, their stories are played out on a national stage, for others their lives are known locally. But God’s story as lived out though God’s people, is always powerful regardless of the scope of influence.

Jane Jayroe gathered stories of men and women from throughout the state who were willing to share their faith in order to strengthen our own. It’s not about spiritual perfection it’s about authentic insight into personal faith journeys. Does God speak to us personally through the stories of others? Absolutely, for the person who seeks will surely find and experience the power of God unleashed in their hearts and lives.

Note from Jane about the book:
What follows in this book are not happily-ever-after fairy tales, but reminders of our own deep identity as children of God. We are not our jobs, our family, our political affiliations or banks statements, we are believers trying to mature into the people God has created us to be. The men and women you’ll soon meet found the strength to hold on when things fell apart. They learned lessons from life’s messes or simply showed us how to live on purpose and in love. So, whether you’re facing a mountain of problems, or simply need encouragement, begin now a routine of finding God in the nooks and crannies, in the doubts and dreams of your life.

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