jane jayroe

Former Miss America and news anchor in Oklahoma City and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Jane Jayroe enjoyed a 16 year career in television journalism. Her passion for storytelling and inspiring women to live their best life is still an important part of her work. Her latest book, “Practice Unleashing the Power of Faith,” is a collection of stories and devotionals written by Jane’s closest friends and other prominent Oklahomans. 

Jayroe also created the program, “Esther Women,” a ministry tailored to women of faith and she continues to host these monthly events designed to inspire women to be who they were created to be. Jane grew up in Laverne, Oklahoma and is a lifelong Methodist, dedicated to her faith and church. She is married to Gerald Gamble with one married son and two grandchildren.
Throughout history, God has used stories of ordinary people to show His power and purpose. From Abraham and Moses to Mary and the woman at the well, we have learned how faith fuels a life. Today is no different. From the corners of Oklahoma, from the urban centers to the rural spaces, God’s story is made clear in the lives of people- our friends, our heroes. For some, their stories are played out on a national stage, for others their lives are known locally. But God’s story as lived out though God’s people, is always powerful regardless of the scope of influence. 

Jane Jayroe gathered stories of men and women from throughout the state who were willing to share their faith in order to strengthen our own. It’s not about spiritual perfection it’s about authentic insight into personal faith journeys. Does God speak to us personally through the stories of others? Absolutely, for the person who seeks will surely find and experience the power of God unleashed in their hearts and lives.
Esther Women was created out of Jane’s commitment to remain grounded in her Christian faith and her desire to share ideas with other women in community leadership roles. With special guests ranging from state leaders to mothers of NBA superstars, Esther Women is designed to create meaningful dialogue and strengthen fellowship for Christian women as they navigate family, work and spiritual fulfillment.
  • "Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it."
    -Dr Maya Angelou
  • "The root of joy is gratefulness . . . It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful." 

    -Brother David Steindle-Rast
  • "If you desire to improve your physical well-being and your emotional outlook, increasing your faith can help you."
    -John Maxwell